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02-15-2010, 02:15 PM
Originally Posted by Sabutai View Post
You know everytime I log in, it would be REALLY helpful if the UI was left how I left it. I DON'T need to see my BoFFs, I like the 3 hotbar screen.

And for the love of it, STTOOPP putting my weapons on my hotbar every 10 mins, if I wanted my individual weapons hotbar'd I'd have f'ing put them there.
The former is every time you log off/in. The latter is every time you load your character for away missions/starbase.

Originally Posted by Taco_Chuck
Same thing happens to me on the 3 hot bar set up NEVER staying as I set it after log out/log in.

And I have a missing C4 label and can't use the ctl-4 key combination on my control hotbar. very annoying.
Escape->Options->Keybinds re-enable Control 4 for your control 4 keybind.