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02-15-2010, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by Profedius View Post
I wasn’t attacking and just because I disagree with you does not make me a troll. I gave you no numbers so there for I did not pull them from any orifice on my or anyone else’s body. In your post you stated that you did every mission assigned to you and this is the nature of the problem I am sure that if I spent all my time just doing what I was assigned to do I would be at the end of the game too. My point is that if you play an MMO like a stand alone game you are going to be disappointed every time all games have a start and end point it is what you do between that provides the enjoyment.

I have repeated many missions since I have a friend that has not done them yet and really enjoyed that time since I could fool around due to my higher level skills.

I due have to say I am sorry about the unemployment comment, but hearing someone say they can not find a job makes me throw up a little in my mouth since I have done work that I would not wish own my worst enemy, because I do not feel right about take money from others who are working.
To hit on the sore subject first, apology accepted. A lot of availability is down to where you are at. I have been turned down from a total of 67 jobs so far, and only five of those were close to what I used to do. The most recent was working part time in a meat processing plant cleaning up the... bad stuff. They told me I was overqualified and that they assumed I would leave the moment something better came along.

I don't want this to become a "woe is me" thread so lets get back to the matter at hand;

I have been running through the old content with a friend as well but that doesn't exactly fit the bill of new content. And to be honest new content was a very minor point of my post. They need filler missions. On more than 5 different occassions I leveled, ran out of missions... and stopped. I was either half a level or a whole level's worth of XP from my next level and nobody anywhere had anything for me to do.

That means I need to busy myself with exploring which is GREAT. But only if exploring is actually exploring. They need to understand that "exploring" in STO is doing one of about 5 different missions. So I can go do 1 of 5 generic filler missions to get the XP I need, but none of those add to the story line nor do they lend anything to the idea that I am actually furthering the cause of Star Fleet.

I believe that they understand that these exploration missions are required to level to cap at the moment, and I think that in the future they will provide the material required to get there making them completely optional (and to get the badges) but until then I feel it is important that we as customers give Cryptic positive feed back that isn't filled with crying, whining, and empty threats.