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02-15-2010, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by kirrana

I have been playing 2 weeks now and I have only reached level 15. I tend to play 3-4 hours a day maybe a little more at weekends. I tend to gain 1-2 levels a day which I expect to slow down quite a bit as I advance in levels.

I do find it rather hard to understand how people can claim to have already finished the game in the same time without being at the coal face so to speak 12+ hours a day. Dont get me wrong but I have seen this before as a Mod people would claim to finish the game in a few weeks when we reviewed their stats it showed 15 hours + a day in cases. It was a case of people spending a weeks worth of gaming in a single day.

I guess that is your choice but putting in so much in a short space of time it will always result in the same thing you reaching the end. If that was your goal then well done but MMORPG's are not things you can win the point is not to reach the highest level.

MMORPGS are very much about the social aspect and a shared adventure. Being part of the guilde, helping new players, running events etc. Their is a lot more to do than just getting to the highest level but if thats all you think about than perhaps MMORPGS are not the right sort of game.
Actually getting to the "end" has never been my thing. I remember getting a mage to level 45 in WoW and I spent about five days of my game time running through dungeons I had hated when I was a "noob" just so I could smash faces in on things that had been destroying me back in the day. Take that Van Cleef!

I probably play an average of about 7 hours a day, give or take. Which is a lot I admit, but I think you need to get to the cap to understand what a wasteland it is at the moment. And in other games there was something end game. Some sort of end game content... here there is nothing.

It is like some sort of twilight zone episode where you open a door and it is vast empty white nothing. I understand that is due to change though with the upcoming content patch, it may be enough to keep me going for a while longer even.

*Side note:

I just did a "/played" and to RA minus the two days played since I hit is about 81.6 hours played. Dividing 81.6 by the launch date plus the head start time means I am averaging about 4.8 hours played a day... less than I thought!

And believe me, I spent a LOT of that time confused and lost because I refuse to ask directions and the missions aren't clear from about half way through the game on.