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02-15-2010, 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by Rusty_Diodes
No- it wouldn't even threaten the nearest star system, only its partner(s) in the case of a binary or trinary system, and their related planets.
Dunno where you folks are but the BBC does an excellent program called Horizon...following cutting edge science.

They did a program on how a large star going supernova could destroy all life on earth. Potentially a large star could collapse in to a Pulsar which would emit high level gamma radiation that could easily kill all life in 10,000 light year radius.

I cant remember the exact details but some scientists are devoting their lives to looking at nearby stars to make sure they're stable.

It does bother me though how Romulus wasnt evacuated or anything...Spock can somehow take red matter across Federation space to near Romulus and create a black hole but a mighty stellar empire couldnt evacuate its home planet...