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02-15-2010, 02:36 PM
Good call.

To further back this up with the exploration missions, defend mission and even the patrol missions I tended to these where as my friends did not and they found themselves quite a bit behind when they ranked up that they had to go back to do them.

I think some missions need to be done in order to further yourself along the story, it should be pointed out that the side missions take up more time and therefore give more XP than the story missions and I think that has rubbed quite a lot of people the wrong way. The story missions I have found to be, well awesome really.

I think Cryptic have so far done quite well in sorting things out, and listening. So hopefully, they will continue to add new top end content as well as mid-level content to balance out things.

An idea to do this would be to open up several new areas that have content for all levels, it doesn't necessary have to be filled to the gunnel's with content but enough to side track from the areas we have now. In addition to this, they need to add additional content to the areas we have now. Creating new missions in places we've already been isn't a bad thing especially when you consider we usually visit solar systems which could have a lot of different things to do.