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02-15-2010, 03:41 PM

I know exactly how you feel at this point. Having reached level cap myself, I am now finding myself logging on only to wait a a half hour for a pvp match, and then log back off, simply because there is nothing else to do.

That said, I would love to have a good resource on ship and device mechanics, so that I could 'fine tune" my vessel and crew. I could actually spend a lot of time doing so, if only the game or the site had some information. Most MMOs that I have played are very much based on mechanics and research of them. Although I hate when people compare this game to WoW, I would like to point out how much time a player will spend in WoW just honing his gear or spec. both of which are not currently an option in STO.

I am considering leveling another character, ONLY because I am interested in learning about different ships and crew types.

I am really hoping to see some serious changes and additions in the near future for this game. I know they are coming, and am looking forward to being around to see some of the "End game" content that is developed. However, I would just as much like to see the devs put more time into a decent manual of sorts, or at least a resource that will explain many of the ship, crew, device, and damage details in more depth. Already some of you are thinking "Just search the forum". That isnt good enough. Sifting through the forum for opinions and speculation is not what I am after. Until Cryptic explains what something like "Astrometrics" means, there is really no point in me equipping it.

Anyway, good luck to you all, and I look forward to seeing how the game ends up.