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02-15-2010, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by Pallman View Post
so il get a ban for being friendly yay.... -.-
No, the ban (probably a warning first, I'm sure) would be for violating the forum rules. As for justification, here's why.

You offered nothing to substantiate your accusation, and any information you could provide couldn't be verified. You might be acting with good intent, or you may be acting maliciously for whatever reason, but we (as players) have no way to verify the accuracy of your statements. Now, with the name you mentioned, I could indeed infer you're probably right....but I can't say for certain. (However, my inference is clouded by my own experiences and attitude and may or may not be correct.)

But, I also can't positively verify that you're being honest. You could be throwing this guy's name around to deflect the blame away from you. (Settle down...I'm not saying you are. But, then again, I don't positively know, right?) So, in this case, you just tarnished someone's reputation with other players, something they might not deserve.

The ONLY people that can verify your statements is the GM crew, and only after sufficient research. And, if they should happen to substantiate your claim, there is no way that we players will ever find out, as action taken on someone's account is privately held information and not releaseable. This is precisely why the ONLY way you should make your claim is via the established help channels, and why calling out someone on the forums is not permitted.