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02-15-2010, 06:46 PM
I wanted an all female Klingon bridge crew for my hare-....uh....starship....but I just can't get it done Federation side. The only Klingon Bridge Officers that are specifically marked as female, are science officers. I know you can get them in other positions since I got lucky getting a gender unmarked Klingon Engineer off the exchange who turned out to be female when I bought and commissioned her.

If I want to get a female Klingon tactical officer or another engineer, I'm gonna have to constantly buy them off the exchange until I get lucky. Why? It's just so utterly pointless for the information to be unavailable to me. I should be able to type 'klingon female' into the search and see every single one! I honestly wouldn't give a damn if, like I said, it wasn't so completely pointless to deny me the info!