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I programmed a small server checker for Star Trek Online. The program reads the sever status from the launcher website, so don't blame me if the checker displays server online when it's actually offline. :p

  • setup your preferred refresh time for the online and offline states of the server
  • play an alarm sound and display balloon tips when the server comes back online
  • start the Star Trek Online launcher from the tray or automatically when the server go online
  • check out the latest dev posts from the devtracker and check them for server news automatically
  • automatically checks for new versions of the ServerChecker

You need .Net 3.5 (<- link) to run the application. The program is not tested on older versions yet.

Download Warp 6 (88 kB)

Members of the 3rd Fleet already tested it out, it's virus free. Scan here if you don't trust the program:

Any feedback is desirable! Have Fun.


Warp 6:
  • servercheck fixed

Warp 5:
  • bug at Windows startup fixed
  • bug at version checking fixed
  • options will now be saved in the application data of the user

Warp 4:
  • new option to run the ServerChecker at Windows startup
  • read DevTracker links are saved when exited
  • onlinechecker should no longer hang on certain moments
  • removed annoying timeout balloons

Warp 3:
  • get the latest dev posts from the devtracker
  • check the dev posts for server up or down news
  • manually check online state or update devtracker
  • changed some options
  • minor bugfixes

Warp 2:
  • grammar, spelling and layout fixes

Zacharias Stahl (Windows startup idea)
Dustrova (spelling, grammar, layout tips)
Oliver Richards (idea)