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02-15-2010, 09:04 PM
I completely enjoy this game. I think Cryptic did an amazing job in some areas, and a pitiful job in others. Ground combat to me is just lacking. However, space combat feels so much like Trek.

My biggest issue with the game, and biggest addition would be the non-combat quests. I've played one or two missions that are non-combative, but they were not very big. Some of my favorite Star Trek episodes are non-combative. I want to get stuck in singularities, discover indigenous creatures in space, do some diplomacy, all the while earning rewards and EXP just like combative missions.

Here's the thing, it wouldn't be easy to implement these missions. For example, if they make a mission where you're stuck in a singularity, I don't want my crew to lead me around (like they currently do). I want to discover the fixes to the problem myself. Of course, this would be more possible if the entire ship was discoverable. I could travel to main engineering and discuss options with crew members, meet with my "senior" officers and plan out how I would finish the mission. It wouldn't be easy to implement that kind of mission, but not impossible with the current game engine the way it is now.

This game is great. But flying from system to system just to pew pew pew gets old fast. But, I see the amazing job the Cryptic is doing. I know they are hard at work on improvements for the game. So I'm going to keep going and keep exploring the game. For a launch of an MMO, this game is in the right direction and I know it will continue to go in that direction.