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# 3 Issues with G19 Macros in STO
02-15-2010, 11:25 PM
Has anyone with a G15/G19 had any issues with the macros? I cant get key combos to work, such as control-XX or alt-xx. They show up in the macro just fine, but in game, it only activates the 2nd key I set. For example. I set my redistribute shield skill to Control 6. Well, I set the macro up to do this and it just activates the 6 key, never with control. I have the same issue trying to set it up with ALT buttons. They seem to show up just fine in the Macro manager. I wonder if this is just a issue with the keyboard or I am missing something obvious? I guess I really need to try it on another game... I just got the G19 the other day.