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02-15-2010, 11:17 PM
My first encounters in PvP weren't so bad , i always did a lot of damage and kills but usually my (random) team most times was loosing , because frankly klingon players are in love with vorcha ships.

I always end up having 2 escorts in my team , some times 2 science vessels but cruisers are more rare , dont know why.

The last days i ended up fighting 5 klingons with 5 vorcha class ships , when in my team we had 2 escorts and most times only 2 cruisers (including mine).

Cloak gives a great first strike advantage , if you dont plan on counter it before the battle begins.The moment they decloak , in 5-8 seconds the weaker target on my time is gone , and from that time after we can ONLY do damage , not win.

I have never seen a klingon team without always assisting their ally that gets the enemy focus fire , and thats their greatest advantage , they already have learned to play as a team.

I dont believe that RCS Accelarators are useless , someone said in this forum , a mark 8 25% RCS console gives the galaxy 1.25 points in its original 5 turn rate value , some people haven't realized how important this is.