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02-15-2010, 11:18 PM
Originally Posted by Woebetide
Actually stupidity has nothing to do with it, theres an issue with fleet banks at the moment.
If you know nothing of the problem why make it worse?
In that case, you have my sympathy as a fleet leader.

Originally Posted by hurrican
Thats a fallacious argument imo.
Kinda like saying if you are stupid enough to get hit by a car and die you didnt deserve to live
If you are stupid enough to step on a landmine you didnt deserve to have that leg
The fallacious part imo is the part that the person did not have foreknowledge of the landmine/car/scammer
Not really. If you are really that clueless and airheaded to allow someone to scam you in-game you REALLY don't deserve it.
On another note: don't joke about landmines and such. someone being stupid enough to get scammed is NOT like stepping on a landmine. I've got a friend who lost the lower part of his leg to a landmine.
Also an aquaintence(sp?) from school was pinned against a car and died. Don't say "being hit by a car" is similar in ANY manner.

If i were to follow that line of reasoning. Its your fault that your mother and father spawned your idiocy into this world.