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02-16-2010, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by Spatzimaus View Post
Bumping this again. My bug ticket is now listed as "Submitted", but it clearly hasn't been fixed yet. Every Alien (custom-race) officer given by missions is male, which means every Alien officer on the exchange (other than the common "Unknown" ones that can be purchased) is male. I really wanted a female engineer and female science officer, but I'm at 45 now. I've ditched my plans for the engineer, but I really need the science officer for RP reasons.

The problem is that if they wait too long to fix this, it'll be too late. You see, most of the "currencies" in this game are effectively infinite. BO skill points, merits, energy credits, exploration tokens... all of these are uncapped. But rare officers are a basically finite resource; you get one officer per level, so each person in the game will end up getting something like 8 very rare officers before hitting 45, and then never again until they raise the level cap. Since you can have 10 BOs, it means that as people hit 45, the demand for new purple officers will go up but the supply will only be provided by those few people just reaching the mid-30s who haven't realized that selling their new purple officers is a losing proposition.

This also causes problems for the lower rarities. Any uncommon or rare officer used to train another (hopefully no one's doing with with a purple) is taken out of the economy permanently and can't be replaced. Granted we've got a good supply of these (30 or 40 per player), but we're already reaching the point where Rare officers are cheaper than Uncommons because there are fewer greens and they were used more for skill training.

Of course, you only really need the good traits for four officers (your ground team), and many of the rare III skills aren't worth the higher slot they require. But since no one seems to want to buy purple Ferengi officers (and a few other races also have low demand), the supply is still a bit limited.
I agree with this, and I'm glad that you posted about it. I was actually looking to start a similar thread if one didn't already exist.

Personally, I am hoping for the ability to eventually change gender of BOs just as you would rename them or alter their costume. Seeing as there are no other things to spend credits on atm, I've blown over 2mil credits just looking for a female Bolian Engineering Officer with no luck. Sure it's trivial, but I have my crew planned out, and it's significant enough to me. In the process of looking for one, I now have three Very Rare Bolian Male Engineering officers in my Requisitions list who have exactly the traits I wanted. I have no intent of getting rid of them should there even be a possibility that Cryptic can accommodate us on this matter.