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02-16-2010, 03:44 AM
How about seeing our own channel without first changing and remembering where we went? This is a step backward from the CO UI where it says [Zone Name] [number] on the minimap, and STO doesn't. The technology is already there, so why was it not there from day one?

Bring back choosing instance when changing zones! Why was the instance chooser so buggy the checkbox had to be removed for STO? In CO I don't poof until AFTER I choose a channel. Again, the technology already exists and should have been there from day one.

Ground autofire for key 1. In CO the energy builder toggle correctly pauses if another skill is used, and resumes after. Why was it not pausing in STO that they removed it? Works fine for Space, like Torps don't conflict with other weapon's autofire.

"Always face forward" for space. Works on ground but not space? Why not both?

All four of these already work flawlessly on another of their games or in another mode of play. Copy and paste.