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# 1 Strange Bridge Officer
02-16-2010, 06:52 AM
One of my science officers (white, gained very early on in game) rather than having 8 skills, 2 of each rank has -

2 Ensign skills (1 Ground and 1 Space)
2 Lt. skills (1 Ground and 1 Space)
3 Lt. Com. skills (2 Ground and 1 Space)
1 Com. skills (1 Space)

On the UI, instead of being 2 rows of 4 skills, my ground skills show 3, with the 2nd Lt.Com sat under the first like -


(If that makes sense)

I have tried training the second Lt.Com. skill to a Com. skill, but it doesn't highlight the bridge officer when trying to purchase it.

Does this make the officer 'special' or bugged? Luckily, ground combat never seems to be a problem, so it's not a big deal. it's just be nice to know if my officer is fine or not.