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02-16-2010, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by Ulfhedjinn View Post
The game didn't ship with 150 hours content, the devs have said themselves in interviews that the game has 80 hours of content and that's a directly quoted figure. Granted, you should only be finished by now if you play 8+ hours a day like the OP, but you'd expect the game to last even people like that more than half the first free month.

I'll be nowhere near finished any time soon myself, but that's because I don't even feel like playing lately.
The bluntest truth. Scaling a MMO content for casual play is like hiding sexual content on a mainstream game that can be enabled by a mod called Hot Coffee. You simply don't, it's a bad decision.

Calling the average MMO player "casual", especially for a IP like Star Trek is.... is..... God, i don't even have a word for it..