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02-16-2010, 09:17 AM
Picard would drink Chai instead of Earl grey and be slightly less bald

Season 1 uniforms wouldn't suck

Warp-drive would make an even louder boom

The Enterprise-D would have pulse phasers quantum torpedos and a third nacelle from season 2 on

Data would be emotionally compromised

Geordi's Visor would look like a 2010 Ford Mustang grille instead of a Cadillac air filter

Tasha Yar wouldn't be dead, and Worf would be one of the main villains

The Bridge would be shinier

LCARS would be blue already

Vulcans would all be living on Betazed where they would be the primary psychologists, psychotherapists, and governing officials.

Doctor Crusher, Wesley, and Riker would all be aliens of some sort for the sake of diversity and a better VFX budget.

Hand phasers would still be pistols instead of dust-busters

No more Admiral Sela