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02-16-2010, 09:51 AM
-Ship would look less like the enterprise and more like a variable speed vibrator

-every episode would have a shocking twist that is never fully explained

-picard would be killed off several times throught the show and come back each time.

-more episodes would be "dream sequences"

-wesley would be played by Justin Long

-More Q

-Borg would be even more bad-ass

-riker wouldn't settlle for troi, he would be even more of a *****....

-data would be compaitible with Mac's. And have USB support...unlike the stupid iPad.

-the finale would reveal that they were all photonics

-more lens flare

-less use of proper physics, in the interest of cool light shows.

-if the old enterpise can withstand a red matter explosion, then the new enterprise is indestructible! it will fly THROUGH planets...for funsies

-Geordi will finally get lasik eye surgery. its the future for F sake...

-tasha will still die...she was way too butch

-worf will seem less whiny and disobey more.

-more tribbles

-the bridge would no longer have wood panels resembling and old winobago

-more lens flare....part 2

-all canon will be replaced with temporal anomalies and re-written