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02-16-2010, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by Oystein
I joined a Defend the Sector space combat today in the Phi sector, and for alot of the fight I was utterly incapable to fire any weapons. Autofire, manual fire, space bar fire. Nothing worked. Someone else in my same instance had the same problem.

I didn't bug it ingame because I was too busy trying to kill a horde of klingon ships, until I just quit the game in utter disgust for the night.
I had this problem back in OB when they flipped a switch and ramped up the difficulty of the encounters. The higher level klingons in the sector defenses started using boarding parties to disable systems. I had so many shuttles lined up behind me by the time I realized it, they were queuing to get on my ship and disable things Back then a bug had the disabled systems offline for a 15 minute timer so I was dead in the water for 15 minutes. (engines worked but I had no weapons at all) I think that timer was reduced (god I hope it was reduced) but are you certain you weren't boarded? It can get a little hectic sometimes. Took me awhile to notice.