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02-16-2010, 01:41 PM
currently, I only use drops/mission rewards/badge requistion items for my ships. Rarely have I had a reason to go into the Exchange to look for something.
1.) Prices are too high for some of the most common items. There are so many of the same items listed on the exchange. Its quite obvious they are selling mission rewards.
2.) As I listed above too many of the same items, not enough variety to actually find something useful or worth while.

Im willing to spend more for an item you cant easily obtain thru a vendor and isnt easy to find via missions. But not willing to pay the insane amounts asked for for items that are listed by the dozens in the exchange currently.
Cost is dependant on Supply and Demand. If there is more supply then demand. It means you need to drop the prices. And that is not happening on the Exchange as the useful items dont make it into the exchange and the same items are being left there simply because theyre green.