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02-16-2010, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by trekkerdean View Post
Beau - I loved the Cardassian costume on Sunday
Many thanks for your kind comment Trekkerdean. It is much appreciated, my friend.

I thought EVERYONE'S costume was great ! It was really nice to see ALL the Star Trek series' represented (TOS, TWOK, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and of course the J.J. Abrams Movie !). AND worn by such an exuberant and tremendous bunch of people ! It was a joy to be among them.

I especially loved the Klingons, the Borg, the Vulcans, the Andorians, 'Bev Crusher', 'Captain Picard' and Aide, the alternate Mirror Universe FEMALE Captain Kirk (JANE T. Kirk ?), 'Worf and Jadzia' in wedding dress, 'Captain Janeway' (with coffee mug) AND her 'evil twin', the 'Galileo Girl', all the young ladies who bravely turned up in miniskirts despite the freezing conditions *SALUTE*, and last but by NO means least, the Orion slave girls, including the sensational Soomka !

Every single participant and their supporters, from all over the UK (and EVEN some from abroad !) ALL contributed to make it such a brilliant day, and deservedly set the First Guiness World Record for a Star Trek Costume Gathering ! It was an honour to be there with you all.

Hopefully, we will all meet up again some time. Perhaps at the 'London Movie Comics Expo' (29-30 May 2010) which offers a huge indoor (and hail free) venue and is a mecca for costume wearing attendees.

Respects and regards to all !