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02-16-2010, 01:56 PM
Great post Matt_Dravis

I must be a rare breed, but I have done nothing but PVP as a fed. I have no problem winning using similar strategies with a PUG. The biggest issue I have seen is PVE'ers unwilling to change their build for PVP. I have changed my build so many times it's unreal. If your going to PVP then get support abilities! Cruisers are amazing in PVP, awesome support with crazy damage using the right build. You can easily do over 150k damage and heal for over 100k in tier 3.

I would add something in your post about how to counter focus fire. Attack Pattern Delta is insanely powerful against focus fire when coupled with extend shields, eng team, and hazard emitters. AP Delta seems to reduce the entire klingon fleet's resistances below 0% when they continue to focus fire. A standard phaser beam array at tier 3 does around 100 dmg to shield and 1200 dmg to hull each hit to a klingon ship when they are unloading on an ally that has AP delta on. I don't even know what other weapons do, but I've seen klingon ships die in 2 seconds simply because they are firing on someone who has my AP delta buff on them. I've also seen that this debuff can counter Reverse sheild polarity. They simple don;t have time to put it up and when they do use it bleedthrough will kill them anyway.