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02-16-2010, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by Azma
The problem isnt that the Raptor is too weak, it's that the BoP is too op. It does more damage, has more survivability, and can battle-cloak. BoP needs to have its Heavy Cannons taken away or something like that to make it more in line with the other ships.
Nerfing the BoP won't make the Raptor a better ship, nor will nerfing Klingons improve PvP for anyone on either side.

The developers in any form of MMO PvP have a difficult job under the best circumstances, and the dreaded "rebalancing" is a necessary evil for ensuring the game is fun and challenging for everyone.

However, when rebalancing, it is generally best to move toward a more equitable lineup on both sides, not the opposite.