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02-16-2010, 02:29 PM
I have to agree with Capulet. Undine just shouldnt be playable.

1st. They are OVER powered in Canon. Just like the Borg were until VOY changed everything. (alot of people complain about what VOY did, Im actually glad they brought them down to realistic terms, any race as powerful as the Borg were in TNG would have no issues overrunning the Fed, making all the failed attempts in the shows and movies laughable). But I do understand why their needs to be an Overpowered race out there bent on annihilating everyone. Gives a good reason as to why the Klingons/Feds/Romulans havent wiped each other out yet. Their distracted by Borg and 8472.

2nd. Somethings should just remain out of grasp of players. Allowing the player base to tap into a more powerful faction means the player base will ignore Feds, Klingons and any other faction for the more Uber Faction. Its happened in other games. It could happen here.