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RIght now all combat related information goes to the Combat channel, and it scrolls by so fast you can't see anything. In EQ, you can set up filters to see the damage you have done, the damage the enemy has done for both meele and spell, in addition to other things.

It might be very helpful when trying out new weapons types, for example, to be able to see just disrupter turret, cannon or beam damage.

The ability to filter by different weapon classes / types would be yet another reason to be able to have multiple chat windows open simultaneously, so you can view different information at a glance.

Filters could be divided up into Space and Ground category.

Under Space you could have Beam and Torpedo, and divide them up further.

Under Ground you would have Phasor and Disruptor (and whatever other kind of rilfe / pistol may become available) and perhaps NPC created weapons such as Mines and Turrets.