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02-16-2010, 03:04 PM
I have the same issue but this "bug" developed today for me. Before today I was playing just fine, no lag, no non-responsive buttons, etc. Anyhow, I get the "bong" sound as if the item is in cooldown when it clearly isnt and clicking on the item with the mouse makes it work, however that makes dogfighting an almost moot point.

I'm also getting the "You are unable to log into the game at this time" message and was only able to bypass it once. Again, I didn't experience anything like this until today.

I read a post about some Amazon folks who are unable to log in and some Dev came into the thread saying that it's their fault as they had some lame naming convention going on for when this or that grace period would end. I'm a digital download with a month to month subscription that's active, so I'm unsure why I'm receiving this issue. Unless of course I somehow got thrown into that naming convention problem with the Amazon folks...