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02-16-2010, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by missingsc View Post
Very, very, very excellent write-up!

Question on this as I haven't gotten this far yet into the game... do stations K7 and DS9 also have "stores" for equipment that can be purchased using explore badges, or are all those pvp based badges?
Glad you like it. As far as I can tell K-7 has all the PvP stuff but I haven't explored DS-9 extensively enough to tell you what's there. It looks like every thing you need is on Earth Spacedock though.

EDIT:: I remember seeing some advanced provision type items
(used for "Aid the Planet" for sale at DS-9 but those often require a lessor form of provision in "trade" for the more advanced form. Heading over to DS-9 now to find an example for you.

EDIT2:: for 1 self sealing steambolt you would have to trade 4 industrial Energy cells or for 1 seismic stabilizer you would need to trade 4 astrometric probes and 2 weather control systems. It seems that everything else at DS-9 can be purchased with Energy Credits though.

EDIT3:: It seems STOJET has written up a quick price list for the vendors at DS-9, if you want further info on what is there, you can find it Here.