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02-16-2010, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
I picked the Raptor as my ship in T2, but ended up switching to the BOP for greater flexibility.

I picked the Raptor again as my ship in T3, but switched to the K'Tinga because it just seems better all around. I could also go with the BOP and the only thing I'd be giving up is one rank of bridge officer.

The Raptor has 1 less weapon than the K'Tinga and less hull. It turns better but the K'Tinga is no slouch. Granted the K'Tinga has more Engineer than Tactical positions but:
a) An ensign tactical officer isn't that useful anyway
b) If you want +DPS, you can do that with engineer abilities (my K'Tinga ensign engineer is doing Emergency Power to Weapons which is a nice little DPS buff. I suspect it's better overall than an extra High Yield Torp or mediocre beam ability).

So is the Raptor really fulfilling its position? It seems like no matter what you want to do, either the K'Tinga or the BOP is better.
The raptor is a fine ship. It does have issues in a mixed Bop/Raptor group. This si brought about by the fact the most Bops can not stay in the fight and have to BC to save their ship in the death matchs leaving the FEDS to gang **** the Raptors left behind. However, even in Teir 2 in a group withatleast 2 other raptors this problem is aliviated to some extent. At tier 3 when you start to see K'Tingas the raptor when used as a kitted out escort can really put up the Dps numbers.