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02-16-2010, 04:24 PM
Well the problem is that Cryptic rushed the Klingon content that they just threw stuff that looked good than actually put thought into it.

BoPs supposed to be Scouts and Raiders doing Hit-and-Run Attacks. They rely on their Manuverability and Stealth, not brute firepower. But in STO, they are just another type of Escort that can be converted into a Science Ship. So basically they are Science Escorts.

Battlecruiers supposed to be powerful warships with the heaviest of weaponry and were made for pure fighting, but with BoPs and Raptor took away from that and all they have left is durability.

Raptors were supposed to be a type of battlecruiser, but Cryptic turned it into an Escort out of necessity to balance the 3 ship types the Federation has. And turned it into an Escort.

So really, Cryptic should've kept it between BoPs and Battlecruisers like in Trek. Raptors could've easily been the Tier 2 Cruiser and there wouldn't be any problem with "where it belongs".