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02-16-2010, 05:00 PM
Just tried changing my name again.

Same error message at mouse over, however...

Even though the name boxes are 'grayed' out, I was able to click-drag over my name and highlight it. At that point I was able to type in a new spelling (all the time the box it was in stayed grayed out).

Huzzah! That is until I saw the price....

3000 Starfleet Merits to change the 'short' (primary) name. And then an additional 1500 to change the 'given' name box below.

Well, the paultry 415 merits I have doesn't come anywhere near close to this. Ah well, maybe when (if) I make it to Admiral I might have enough saved up, if I buy nothing else in the mean time.....

Now, I understand the need to charge for a name change, but it seems like this price is way too steep.