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02-16-2010, 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by ArievDhien
There is a policy. Copyrights shouldn't be violated in names, and it can be reported. I personally - as a roleplayer - see no reason why there should be a Captain Indiana Jones, to stay with that example. Its Star Trek. There is no Indiana Jones. And I also see no point in having like 5680 Captain Kirks, Picards, Siskos or Janeways roaming around. If people wanna roleplay, they should be creative enough to come up with an own character.
To be honest, there might be an Indiana Jones, it is a large galaxy after all.

There just would not be THE Indiana Jones.

The rage of stupid baby names is on the rise. Maybe it hasn't reached critical mass in the 24th and 25th century?

In all seriousness I agree that some of the names out there do not belong. Until a name filter is put in, I would suggest to just report them and move on.