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02-16-2010, 05:37 PM
Originally Posted by StrifeRaZoR View Post
So after doing some research with multiple cards, I think I've tracked down what's killing dual GPU users like us.

1. No, this game is not optimized for SLi. So you either have to create a profile for it, or disable one of the cards.

2. If you do force SLi, I would suggest NOT using the latest drivers. This game is very very very very very poorly designed when it comes to using current technology. Heck, my 8800 ULTRAS aren't even CURRENT and static images (like clouds in space) flicker randomly.

V-Sync seems to help a bit. Nothing major, but it does help. I did some reading over at (love that site) and apparently the 186.xx version of drivers is what we're looking for. Give some of the betas a shot as well.

Agree with you pretty much 100%. I am I'm not having the troubles with flickering since enabling v-sync. I have setup a specific STO profile in the nvidia control panels. Also enabled the framerate max in the STO options too as I am not convinced even forced graphics options are working 100% under the game. I will say since swapping my single GTX 280 out and replacing it with the 2 GTX 260 in SLI my mouse cursor likes to play funny tricks from time to time. Under the GTX 280 i had zero issues until it decided to blow a head gasket and force me to have EVGA send me a new one.(love EVGA's support) Did STO cuase my GTX 280 to fry....... I cant say. Curiously prior to playing STO i never had a problem.....hardly proof positive either way.