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02-16-2010, 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainMids
I had this exact problem, but it's easily fixed:
Set a 0.075 sec delay between the down-press of ctrl/alt, and another before the release, so the macro for Control+1 would read:

[Press] CTRL
Delay 0.075
[Press] 1
[Release] 1
Delay 0.075
[Release] CTRL

It seems to need a longer delay if the computer is working hard, such as a busy sol base.
Thanks! I will try this when I get home from work. Just haveing a macro auto stabilize my shileds has been such a help. I want to get things like that on a hidden bar as I prefer to use the '2' tab so I can still see my officers.


*Update - This worked like a charm. Thank you so very much!