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02-16-2010, 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by Tmann26 View Post
You can still try to have 1 fore and aft phaser bank, and the rest of your weapon slots torpedoes instead of a cannon escort... or continue to wreck your keyboard and fingers.
due to global cool down it is pointless to have more than two consecutive firing photon torpedo bays, as they will never actually fire, and 3 of any other torpedo type since they have longer personal cool downs.

On a ship that is equipping 8 weapons, this means that you will have 2 torpedoes fore and aft (at most) and still have 4 slots left over, these slots will be filled with some combination of beams and turrets in most cases, and now you can't auto fire them all, so you will be mashing your button.

My temporary solution, since I lack a macro enabled keyboard, was to map "Fire All Weapons" (yes even torpedoes though it's less efficient this way) to my scroll wheel. By doing this I have replaced space bar mashing with scroll wheel scrolling, which is a little bit less annoying, and infinitely quieter.