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02-16-2010, 07:22 PM
Try to avoid attempts to ascend to the terminology throne. I'm talking about things that WEREN'T possible in the game, and now they are. "Mechanically," I could not enter my bridge--I could have clicked all the buttons I could find, but it wouldn't have happened. Now I can. The game now works differently, because it "works" in such a way that I can go to my bridge and invite friends DIRECTLY to it (which I can't do in a ground mission).

The issue at stake here is your assertion that the developers don't "come to the forums for ideas." You made the assertion, and it has been countered. Don't retroactively try to use terminology to redefine the terms of discussion.

The Devs have changed how things work. They'll be changing Science Team to work AFTER Viral Matrix is done. Is the "framework" already in place? Yeah. But they're changing how something works based solely on the fact that people asked for it.

No one here is claiming they'll alter the game to a top-down shooter/platformer if we asked hard enough. It's pretty clear though that the developers DO respond to the playerbase, and that this is accomplished via the forums.