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I know there's a billion posts about the XBOX controller, but I haven't seen anything about my particular problem, so please excuse me if I'm stupid and the answer is right there in front of me.

I'm having trouble mapping any buttons other than the joystick functions. I only use a few options when I play to be honest, and I can probably map out most of what I need on the controller. The issue is when I get to the Keybind screen, it won't register the directional pad, a, b, y , x and directional buttons when I try to change it. In flight it doesn't register the right joystick but it already seems to be defaulted to changing the view/angle which is what I wanted for it anyway.

In ground combat, only B is defaulted to palm thrust. Everythiing else is just kind of useless. I just bought this set for this so I could use the voice commands but it doesn't seem to want to work.

Can somebody please help me?