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02-17-2010, 12:41 AM
Originally Posted by Reyla
Hate to say it but the one FBP3 i carry can do that 40k dmg you speak of by itself. If someone is FBP spamming, shut them down so you can get a chance to hit. Recycle time on FBP is 45 at max, after an FBP runs out there is a 5second window to VM, subnuc or to use another type of abilitiy disable before they reactivate the next rank of FBP. Another thing to do is take away their power systems.......disable aux, tykens and such. FBP under 50 aux is a joke in dmg (even 50 is laughable).
If i use 4 beams, its 16 hits, the dmg of III varies from 2,2-3k dmg, so lets say 2,5k per hit, thats 40k dmg to hull. Escort has 34k hps max. Go figure. I dont even have chance to either stop firing, or change tactic. It just keeps comming. At least not many people use the version III, but i swear in one match i died 4x to it.