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02-17-2010, 03:58 AM
Originally Posted by tarjan View Post
The skillpoint reward is like 20-30 points more for winning not really a price if you ask me .....
This only leads to ppl not giving a damm about winning on some maps, they just wait out or fight a big ball in the center of the map to rack up damage .

Cryptic should make winning worth a bit more and give us something to fight for...
I'm in PvP maps because I enjoy the PvP. I'm fighting for the sake of having a good fight. It may seem like a shocking idea, but I actually play these games for fun, rather than treating them like a second job (or is that first job for most of those people?)

There are actually sound reasons for NOT giving out much bigger rewards for winning. If someone who is new to PvP, or just learning, gets nothing but a kerb-stomping and some trash talk then he's less likely to come back for another helping.