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02-17-2010, 04:50 AM
Originally Posted by To3cutter View Post
Biggest issue with cloak is that it can be kept on for 98% of the time. I've played both sides, not too much KDF yet though I'll admit.

Cloak could have a duration, the cooldown should be longer than the duration (e.g. 3 min duration, 4 min cooldown) so you can't instacloak straight after an ambush and battle cloak should be BOP only

The above suggestion WILL cause tears.
I think you lot need to get a grip.

I will put it simply (and before you ask i have a Fed. Rear Admiral 5 so don't say I am klingon biased). Klingons have cloaks. This point is not debatable. Nor are the modes and characteristics of it. I say this why ? Because that's how it is in the only real important source of information, the actual Star Trek movies and series. End of discussion.

As for making it timed or BOP only ... Bad idea. Incidentally you are aware that there are already BOP skills in the game for preventing people from cloaking ? Insta-cloaking is as such not an issue. Just pop it and a pbaoe pulse will prevent any ship in range from cloaking for 12 seconds. If anything I call that an already big nerf to the cloak deal. Also there is no insta-cloaking. Cloaking means you drop your shields and only 3 seconds later are you actually cloaked. I get killed as a Klingon the most in those 3 seconds. It's a big gamble that unlike MES will not guarantee a a 'save'. Also the cloak already has a timer that prevents you from cloaking for (i believe, would have to check) 30 seconds after decloaking so ...

That said I suppose that there should be some form of compensation also 'canon' to the series. At a cost. A BOP Lt. Commander or even Commander skill so that it would not render cloak totally pointless (because not every single fed ship can have it this way, only sience vessels or so). It's seen in the series often enough. Limited range (3-5 k max) and maybe even make it so it can be counteracted partially by klingons at the expense of console module slots (in which case the base range could be upped to 6-7 k and the console modules could counteract to reduce that range to 3-4 K by strengthening the cloaking device).

At the same time I would like to point out to all of you holloring for a nerf on the cloaks out there that contrary to Federation characters there is very little in terms of missions (that are not pvp linked) that allow Klingons to level. I can see the logic in that but that means nerfing the one advantage Klingons do have into oblivion for what is their main way of leveling will lead to only one result ... An ever decreasing supply of them for PVP or at the least very few of them ever making it to level 45. It's insane to see how some of you are ranting about having to wait too long in the PVP queue and at the same time ranting about this.

I often spend a LOOOOONG time waiting for a spot in a pvp scenario as my Fed. Char. My Klingon char usually does not even get the chance to select a second queue to join before being called into battle. Draw your own conclusions as to why.