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02-17-2010, 06:14 AM
Right, to awnser your question.

Iím a bit of a closet trekkie it has to be said but not a major one. And this is my first MMO, I did try WoW for five minutes and decided that it was a load of poo.

Now the highlights of STO for me are thus:

Flying large spaceships that go pew pew, and blowing other space ships up.

Being able to travel the known galaxies at will.

Make teams, friends, and if you have the patience, start up conversations.

Visiting Deep Space nine!

Spend hours goggling at pretty spaceships.

And a host of other little things that entertain me.

The ground combat sucks though, I donít much enjoy it and I always find someone to join me on ground missions just so the bloody things finish quicker.

The Player vs player aspect is a bit of a let down at this time. Youíll find a predominance of federation players are waiting to play and very few klingon players. You can wait quite some time for just one Player vs player game.

Anyway, being a trekkie will enhance the parts of the game you enjoy.