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02-17-2010, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by Otheym81 View Post
PvP cloak is not an adventage, it is a disadventage.

Cloak is irrelevant when you premade.

Even if we would approach without cloak, we would have plenty time to select targets. (we always select the same target when we premade, its a list type, so there is no need to talk when we approach).

Cloaking tactical adventage in premades, irrelevant

Cloaking, when you decloak you are instantly alpha striked by 5 x Feds, and the 1st dps that is made is from fed side (when you decloak there is a small pause before you can dps, thus feds start it by smashing spacebar). Pro Feds, concentrate on 1st Klingon that decloaks and RSPs. Feds drops his shields and he is dead before he gets his shields up (if he is stupid and is near the ball). Anyway a clear disadventage to decloak 1st and taking 1st Alpha in the face.

Cloaking disadventage.

Decloak (cloak deley)
start dps

Dps start ( 5 x feds )
beam overload ( 5 x feds )
torpedos hit (some of them)

Where is the cloak adventage ? i cant see it.


Carrier is fine as it is, dont know how to play one and cry about turn rate, l2p, i enjoy Carrier even when it turns like a Pregnant Mammoth. i dont care its a Carrier and i love it, and i can manage the turning as i have 250 arc beams with it. So whats the big problem with Fed ships crying about turn rate ? using 90 arc weapons ? l2p and use the 250 arc ones.

And about the 18k detection of stealther Klingons ? it is possible, but you need 125 AUX and all buffs to the detection talent. ( IMO dont bother detecting, if you play in premade just concentrate to other stuff like survival and CC ).

Like in other threads, there has been multiple complaints about the average skill level of Feds in T5, they are bad, really bad players. And the QQ they do is bechose they are bad players and we all know bad players will never be happy even if you nerf X, they cry next day about Y and Z, and after that the wheel turns and they cry more and more and more... all they should do is to look into a mirror and Voila, there is your problem.