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02-17-2010, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by sintar07 View Post
You're just wrong. It's completely obvious that the ship is not larger. The only place in the entire film that indicates that it is is the shot of the shuttle bay. Apart from that, it's very clearly the same small size as the Enterprise always was. It's pretty obvious that it was only declared to be bigger at the last minute because JJ Abrams has no appreciation for Trek and too little imagination to see that small ships can be cool too.
There are other shots as well, if you watch the feature on the ship they talk about it. Anyways ill take the word of the director over an irrate fanboy any day. And according just to you? im quoting the interviews with the SFX guys, the Director, etc. They know they screwed up the scaling, and they didnt like the smaller version and also as said earlier, to make the shuttlebay fit with the ENORMOUS engineering section, they had to scale it up.

And appreciation for trek? the man pretty much brought it back to life pretty well...and too litttle imagination? im sure the sets, the new alien species shown, etc say otherwise.