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02-17-2010, 08:15 AM
Commander 5 Fed and Lt. Commander 5 Klingon here...

2) Leveling in PvE with my Fed is very fast in comparison to leveling via PvP with my Klingon. At least it seems to be. The missions are always fairly easy so I tend to breeze through them, and I can get to a new tier in a short period of time, whereas the KDF seems to take much longer. (not that I mind necessarily... I feel like I level with my Fed in PvE way too quickly)

3) There are repeatable explore missions for the KDF but thus far they have been a joke. Unless I'm taking on 6+ ships at a time (which only ever happens if I attack two groups or more at once) I don't really need to use any BOFF abilities or even cloak. It's really quite boring. I can't speak to higher levels, of course, but I don't really bother with the explore missions without having absolutely nothing else to do, which is rare.