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02-17-2010, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by mmogamer35
1) I would just like a overview of what kind of pvp is available and how it's going so far. I know you can use the que for space instance BGs....are there open pvp areas and how about ground pvp?
Most PvP is available through the queue system. They are one-off scenarios that have no impact on the game world.

There is, I think, 1 "open PvP" area. Borg Hunt? I'm not sure where to access it from anymore, or even if it's still open. As I recall, it was less rewarding than regular PvP and has some bugs/issues.

There used to be an "open PvP" ground combat zone in the system Ohta in the Neutral Zone. It didn't work right and the devs shut it down in beta.

2) How is pvp exp -vs- pve exp?
Scenario PvP experience is good. I suspect it's faster than PvE but I'm not positive.

As I recall, you get nothing for PvPing in an open PvP area, though. There is a PvE quest you can complete in there for XP, if it works.

3) I've been wanting to make a KDF toon. Do they have atleast repeatable explore missions they can supliment for some exp? Or is pvp the ONLY way for them to level?
There are repeatable "kill" missions. It's literally just a space zone with a couple dozen Federation ships floating around and you....kill them.

You have to understand that this game's PvP content is pretty much as big of a rush job as you'll ever see. It's not well designed or well implemented and the Klingon content is buggy. PvP in general is pretty shallow.

Not to try and turn you off to it, but just trying to set realistic expectations. If you want to shoot some enemy players/ships, you can, but there's very little "game" to it.