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02-17-2010, 08:55 AM
As an science fiction world creator that is good to know.
Have to come up with something smart that works around.

I have some theories about how warp speed is possible.

The Chuck Norris theory.

When Chuck Norris shave or get an haircut his hair is used for a wild variety of things.
One of the things is being glued at the front of each and every starship.

One piece of Chuck Norris hair force every atom in front of the ship to move away, since Chuck Norris hair could with ease destroy an asteroid by touching it.

The same goes for radiation and any kind of energy.
The fear of being close to something that have belonged to Chuck Norris force almost anything into hiding.

That is also the reason why you cant collide with ships or making intimate hull contact since the matter of the ship just slip away in fear of Chuck Norris hair.

In short, Chuck Norris hair screw with the laws of physics, science and common sense by forming an impenetrable force field going from the front to the back of the ship.

Its speculated that Captain James Tiberius Kirk consumed a bit of Chuck Norris hair and the result was pure awesomeness.