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02-17-2010, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by To3cutter View Post
Biggest issue with cloak is that it can be kept on for 98% of the time. I've played both sides, not too much KDF yet though I'll admit.

Cloak could have a duration, the cooldown should be longer than the duration (e.g. 3 min duration, 4 min cooldown) so you can't instacloak straight after an ambush and battle cloak should be BOP only

The above suggestion WILL cause tears.
THIS! I remember in ST 3 when the Klingons were hiding waiting for the Fed ships to come to the Genesis planet, and they kept sweating every time the duration on their cloaks was up, and they had to wait a minute to use it again.

Oh wait, I don't remember any of that....