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02-17-2010, 10:49 AM
Look through the forums. Off the top of my head, there's issues with BO pathing in general, and specific issues in a couple of maps...there's a problem many are having with the space bar not firing their weapons, some people are reporting they can't enter systems to start the patrols or episodes to begin with, the fact that /stuck does nothing currently and the ensuing debate of quality of support service, There's server stability, billing and support, graphics glitches (that would be higher up on the list of priorities than fed uni's on rommies) the "great autofire debate" of 2010 and the list goes on, I'm sure. Not all of them are going to affect you and you might only see a fraction of them (hopefully) Personally, if I were to prioritize them, the only one I saw that would show up after the fed uni's is the one where someone complained that the orion females were missing belly buttons. I'd fix the fed uni's before that Otherwise, they've got alot on their plate at the moment, and alongside having staff to enable fixes for these, they have to continue to develop future content (episodes, raids, PvP maps etc...) and internally test and fix content we can't even see yet. Thats a big slice of pie. (I'm all for pie, but one can only eat so much, y'know?)

They're not sitting back in easy chairs counting money. Thats what the fat cats in ivory towers like Atari do. The code monkeys have to work hard to avoid the beatings.

edit: I forgot, if they didn't care about quality, they wouldn't be fixing things