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09-24-2008, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by Son of Korris
Great interview from a great actor. Love Nimoy and the work he's done, he brought a lot to the genre. Humor being one of the biggest. His subtle eyebrow raises in the original, got me every time. hehehe. Him and bones going at it.Live long and prosper.
I also enjoy Leonard Nimory.
There was only one time that I was taken back a little by Nimory. Back in the early eighties while I attended Kent State, I was smart enough to obtain a season pass to all lecture hall speakers. Nimoy was one of the speakers. This was after his book “I am not Spock”. "Poems" and "In search of show" along with other tib Bits was the central theme. I was a little taken back. He barely mentioned Star Trek. AND I mean barely.
I understood what Nimory meant by his book, but it was disappointing. However, I can say that I met the man (special pass). John Walters was more memorial but hey......he is cool as well.
I wished the book ”I am Spock” was released back then......but that wasn’t the case. All in All: The character Spock still is my top two most loved Star Trek characters.