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02-17-2010, 11:32 AM
Actually, I can see many reasons why crafting physical stuff (not discounting your intangible stuff - good ideas) would work well within this environment. Just consider speciality gear. A highly modified warp drive, a specially configured phaser bank that boosts the power, specially modified shields, etc etc etc. All this stuff is special for a reason, because they're "rare" crafted items. e.g. no replicator has a blueprint otherwise everyone would have the best of everything. So from that perspective, there's lots of "tangible" items that could be crafted.

If you ask me, I'm all for a good old in-depth crafting system similar to SWG. Tons of resources with varying qualities and crafting experimentation. That's really good stuff that adds lots of levels of complexity and depth to gameplay.

But naturally I won't hold my breath. STO needs a heck of a lot more content before they can even think about in-depth crafting. Also, given Cryptic's track record, it seems clear to me that deep crafting is well off their radar.

Doesn't mean I can't dream. And what better place to dream about that than in a SWG/STO environment where massive resources and complex crafting should be a given. Oh well...